Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The leaves are starting to fall :)

It's amazing how quickly this year is passing by!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of Autumn and it seems like yesterday we were counting down to a new year. Brooke is enjoying Pre-K and actually can't wait to get up and go to school :) I started a little tradition before she eats breakfast - I put Willy the Elephant (one of her favorite stuffed animal) in different spots with a note from Mommy for her to find. One morning she woke up to a whole tea party of stuffed animal friends in the nook for her to eat breakfast with. She absolutely loved it.

Here are a few updated pictures of the princess:

I had surgery yesterday - I've been having a lot of pain in my lower abdomen and other female problems. I was certain they were going to end up having to do a hystercotomy but they didn't. Other than the thick lining, my uterus looked healthy. They did a D & C and also drilled on my ovaries. This is suppose to help me ovulate on my own and get my cycles back to being regular. This has re-opened the doors to TTC. Of course, after I heal. Jr is apprehensive, but I've reminded him that they last time he decided that he didn't know what he wanted us to do, he changed his mind and we lost that 'golden opportunity' when I was actually fertile. So the motto right now, is whatever happens, happens :) And that makes this Mommy very happy.