Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday, Updates and More!

It's amazing what we allow ourselves to block out of our lives. The many massquerades we find ourselves hiding behind in order to remain in denial. After my last post, I honestly put TTC in the back of my mind. Of course, when an acquaintance found out they were expecting, the issue kind of floated around, but not for long. I buried those resentments towards TTC - I think I buried them deep enough, where I won't allow them to control my life anymore.
Well, I'm at that one year mark of beginning this blog and I figured I would catch the world up with my life.
Tomorrow my princess will be FOUR years old. Four. Where have these years gone to? We celebrated her birthday Saturday and had a wonderful time. We went back to Sportz Quest for the party location and of course they did a good job. We had Amanda Meadows with Amanda's Cakery make Brooke's Hello Kity cake. She exceeded my expectations and the cake was magnificant!!! We didn't have a huge turnout but the ones who came made it more memorable if the party size was double that. She was happy and that's all that truly matters.

I started a new job in March. So far, I am liking it a lot better than my last job. Of course transportation logistics is a stressful industry - but not being on call anymore as well as not dealing with office politics has been well worth the change of scenary.

My father in law was diagnosed with invasive lung cancer June 22nd. Jr is an only child and his parents live with us - so this has been extremely trying on all of us. He is home from the hospital now and seems in good spirits. He starts chemo next week. He was able to make it to Brooke's party and that truly meant the world to all of us, especially him. Please remember him in your prayers.

Brooke starts Pre-K August 9th. I'm a nervous wreck!!!! I know she is going to do a wonderful job and I know she is going to enjoy it, but it's one more reminder that she isn't a baby anymore :(

Brooke also had a recital last month at The Grand Opera House in Macon. Her ballet/tap class performed 3 different scenes from Cats - yes the Broadway Musical. I was beyond proud of watching my little girl dancing and singing on stage in front of hundreds. She acted like it was her second home. We are signing her up for next term this month.

She is also taking swim lessons and is already swimming underwater like a little fish! We are really enjoying the swimming pool this year.

That sums up the Coleman Family right now. Hope you are each doing good and maybe I'll show up a little more often to give life updates :)